From the Pastor's Desk


Father Ted Keating
Ordained May 21, 1994


Dear Parents, 

I just want to thank all of you parents and grandparents who have sacrificed much, to send their children to Seven Sorrows. 

In a rather large study completed at University of California at Santa Barbara found that Catholic school students are more likely to control their temper, handle peer pressure, respect the property of their classmates, and be more accepting of their classmates ideas, than their peers in public schools. The same study of Catholic schools have shown that their students achieve subject mastery at higher levels than their public school peers, are more likely to graduate high school, and score higher on college entrance exams. 

In addition, studying religion every day, saying prayers and formation on a daily basis can only enhance their educational experience. Yes, my friends you have sacrificed much-but it is so worth the sacrifice. 

With warm affection and prayers,

 Fr. Ted

May God Bless you and your family.

 "Put it in Ink"



In this photo she was just a puppy.

Now she is 2 years old!


I grew up in Lancaster.
There are six boys and one girl in my family. I’m the third boy.

My oldest brother thought he was going to become a priest, and the next one did too, and I never thought about it.

I went through college.
I went to Lancaster Catholic and graduated in 1980. And then I went to LaSalle University in Philadelphia and graduated with a business degree. 

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