My name is L. Evangel DiMarco, I am a marine biologist and environmentalist by formation, After my bachelor degree (in Biochemistry) I worked in hospital's labs for a few years then went on to specialize in a different field and got two Masters in Oceanography.

 I consider myself an African American French since I was born in Africa, grew up immersed in the French language and culture and lived in France, then moved to the USA six years ago and became an American citizen in 2018

I love learning languages and I am passionate about traveling and making connections with other cultures.

I have taught French to all levels, K through college and tutored adults in French and Arabic.  In fact, along with teaching at SSBVM, I teach French at Lebanon Valley College three days a week.

I am thrilled to share my language and culture with your child and I will be using a LOT of French and various activities in the classroom.



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Learning to set a table in France.
It is custom to do this full place setting each evening.