Committed to the safety
of children.

While pledging zero tolerance for abusers in ministry or employment within the Diocese of Harrisburg, we also pledge our dedication to the healing and reconciliation of victims of sexual abuse as a minor.

In fulfillment of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, adopted by the United States bishops in 2002, our Youth Protection Program provides for education and screening, outreach to victims and families, prudent and prompt inquiry into each accusation, open communication, and due process for all involved.

How do I obtain my clearances?


"CREATE AN INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT",  whether you're a volunteer or employee of SS.

When "Agency" is requested, type SEVEN SORROWS.  

Once completed, you'll receive an email.  Print certificate and return to Zoe

Childline Background Check

PA State Police

Print certificate and return to Zoe.

PA State Police Background 


Print statement and sign in the presence of Zoe.

Disclosure Statement

Register on
Protection Site
Once you register you will watch a short video from the Bishop.  As you are clicking thru the site it will automatically redirect you to the Univ of Pitts website. (See Step #5)

How to Register

Register on 
University of
Pitt site
This is a 3-hour course on "Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse". 
Print certificate and return to Zoe

How to Register

If you have lived in PA for the last 10 consecutive years, you don't need fingerprinted.

Employees of Seven Sorrows must be fingerprinted regardless of how long you lived in PA.


 If you have NOT LIVED IN PA the last 10 consecutive
years, click HERE and use
Code #1KG6Y3 to find
location nearest you.
Fee $21.35

Congratulations,you have completed the process.
We will contact you when your card has arrived.

Thank you for your efforts,understanding and cooperation.
Please call Zoe with any questions or concerns.




Zoe Martin

Monday, Tuesday
Thursday, Friday
8:30am - 1:00pm

Diocese of Harrisburg
Youth Protection 

  Who Needs Clearances?

Adult Volunteers who have care, supervision, guidance or control and have routine interaction with children and Vendors who provide care, supervision, guidance or control or have routine interaction with children.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have clearances with the Military, Police or another school district, do I still have to apply?
Yes, you do.  The clearances you'll be aquiring are unique to the Diocese of Harrisburg.

How long does it take to get Clearances?
While the time frame fluxuates, it can take 2-3 weeks.  Please contact Zoe, if an event happens within that period that you're concerned about.

How often do I have to go through this process?
Every 5 years

Should I turn in all the paperwork at once?
It is preferred that you do, yes. Thank you!

I'm not very Tech savy, who can I call for help?
You are welcome and encouraged to call Zoe at any time for help.  If she can't assist you, she will re-direct you back to the 800# within the site you are currently working on.

Courtesty Reminder

All parents at Seven Sorrows are required to volunteer 20 hours and log hours HERE.

For those who do NOT log 20 hours by May 1st, a $150 Volunteer Fee will be added to your FACTS account.  This is separate from the Technology Fee.

If you receive financial assistance from our parish Tuition Angel fund, you must complete an additional 20 hours of service per year.  

Do all activities require clearances?
No they don't.  Please read above where it says "Who Needs Clearances?" or contact Zoe for additional clarification.

I work full-time and struggle to find ways to volunteer.  How can I find ways to work my hours?
A family member is welcome to volunteer on your behalf.  We also have many opportunities outside of a specific event -  or on evenings and weekends.  Please visit our PTT page to discover all we offer.