Pre K3 - Why I love Pre K3



"I LOVE teaching
Preschool K3"


PK3 is a challenging age because of its contradictions. However, this is exactly where its "hidden treasure" lies.

Three year old's are innocent - but so often "little stinkers".  They have this incredible energy that can all of a sudden change to complete exhaustion. 

They are spontaneously super happy and suddenly dramatically hurt, lonely or sad.  They can act like angels in one second, showing patience and compassion, and then switch to anger without measure.  

They have days when they follow you like lambs and then unexpectedly show stubbornness and a strong will, that you'd never expect.

"How can you withstand a class like this?" THAT is the "hidden treasure". I love the challenge and because it's a TRUE challenge, I know I really love your children, otherwise I could not do this job.   Having a background in psychology, which helps me understand your children better and to look at their behavior as a form of communication - rather than intentional defiance.

They test my character, and my faith and help me become a better and happier human being.  

That's what I love about PK-3 and that is why I love your children!