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It's All About Love!

Greetings friends and supporters of Seven Sorrows BVM School! I adore this time of year—apples ripening on the branches, pumpkins glowing in farm stands, corn stalks rustling in the fields, the meadowlarks slowly starting their southern migration. And, so it is with the start of a new school year
and the beginning of fall—
a time for our students to start anew with teachers, classes, friends, and to anticipate fresh possibilities on the horizon. 


Father Ted Keating,

Rebecca Harvey, MA, MEd.,

 Seven Sorrows is a school built on Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection. 
Our goal is to educate minds, while opening the door for God to nurture their hearts. 

Each student that walks through our doors is a son or daughter of our Most High God and created specifically by HIM to do GREAT things in this world!  

We believe that developing the heart is the key to strengthening the mind. 
We believe that in the daily Presence of Christ, each child will grow into the person that
Our Heavenly Father created them to become. 

Our students…and your children, are living and learning what it means to
“walk out their faith” in a school environment.  

Faith is our priority, education is our necessity!
Together these two areas, developed simultaneously, can fill each child with the Presence of HIS LIFE, the KNOWLEDGE of HIS WILL, the WISDOM of HIS GUIDANCE and the LOVE of HIS CHARACTER….not only today, but for the rest of their lives.

Catholic School makes a difference. 

Come see what we're all about! 
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